How to take screenshots in Nexus 4

Take a screenshot:     There are times when you just want to capture what’s on your phone’s screen, so you can keep a record of it or show it to others at a later date, and thankfully this functionality comes baked into Android these days. In nexus 4 we can do this by “Simply holdContinue reading “How to take screenshots in Nexus 4”

How to change “wordpress” blog address ! (i.e site URL)

Hi friends, After long time i came to know, in wordpress there is option to change our wordpress blog address. 😉 My friend Mr.Rakesh told to me the procedure, here the simple trick. Step1: Click the “My blogs” under “Dashboard” Step2: After clicking the “My blogs” you can see a window that lists the numberContinue reading “How to change “wordpress” blog address ! (i.e site URL)”

How to Create Centralized Local “Git Repository”

Hi friends, Lets see “How to Create Centralized Local “Git Repository” First we have to install “git-core” on both server and client. here I’m using Fedora, So I’m installing using “yum install”. Ubuntu people may use “apt-get install” [server] $ sudo yum install git git-core [client] $ sudo yum install git git-core —- [client side]Continue reading “How to Create Centralized Local “Git Repository””