Reset your MYSQL Password

Hi friends, After long time, today i thought of use my MYSQL db, But the thing is i’ve forget my password 😦  Then i asked to my friend mani, “pls help me mani, i ve to reset my MYSQL password urgently. He gave the simple solution”. 🙂 Here the i’m posting the simple steps to resetContinue reading “Reset your MYSQL Password”

Power of PYTHON and RUBY languages

Hi friends, Since last week i had worked with Send SMS via rails application. After long search, i found a site called “” which provides API and sends SMS. This site  is very much helpful in sending automated SMS. They also provide  codes for different languages like “Python, Ruby, PHP, Perl, Java, C, C#, VB.NET”Continue reading “Power of PYTHON and RUBY languages”

How to Send a mail using Gmail account with Rails3, ActionMailer and SMTP

Hi friends, Action Mailer: Action Mailer is a framework for building e-mail services. You can use Action Mailer to receive and process incoming email and send simple plain text or complex multipart emails based on flexible templates. Lets see how to setup the actionmailer with Gmail SMTP. First we have to create a rails applicationContinue reading “How to Send a mail using Gmail account with Rails3, ActionMailer and SMTP”

Constants in Ruby

Hi friends, In ruby, “Constants” holds a constant value for the life of the ruby program. Constants are variables whose names are “Capitalized” or “Upper case”. Ex: Matz = “yukihiro matsumoto” puts Matz # => yukihiro matsumoto if a constant is defined within a “class” or “module”, we can access the constant from within thatContinue reading “Constants in Ruby”

Finding Character code Ruby 1.8.7 and 1.9.2

Hi friends, In Ruby 1.8.7, we can use “?” operator to find the “character code from a character.?a evaluates to the integer 97. Now we can see some examples via “irb” Ex: (ruby 1.8.7) > ?a # it shows character code of “a” => 97 But in Ruby 1.9.2, we can’t use the “?” operator toContinue reading “Finding Character code Ruby 1.8.7 and 1.9.2”

Facing Problem wit heroku :(

Hi friends, Today fully me and my friend Rakesh spent time wit this “nanbenda” project. 🙂 but i faced problem wit “heroku” deployment 😦 not ly one time, i deleted, created, deployed…. deleted, created, deployed… deleted, created, deployed… But i didn’t got the output from “heroku” site. My project successfully ran @localhost 🙂 But didn’tContinue reading “Facing Problem wit heroku :(“

My sample app with new look using rails

Hi friends, Today i finished 5th chapter of Learning rails by example. Today i used some css codes also. 🙂 i deployed my sample app into heroku site. here the link But finally got a problem, still i didn’t clear the problem, the problem is when i usineg ” rspec spec/” to check theContinue reading “My sample app with new look using rails”

My Simple Application using Rails :)

Hi friends, This is the simple and sample application to create using rails and heroku is here. This post mostly covers 3rd part of the “Learn Rails By Example” book. $ rails new sample app -T $ rails generate controller Pages home contact $ gedit Gemfile Edit the file and add the following, The PagesContinue reading “My Simple Application using Rails :)”