I’m Tha.Suresh, Who married Electrical Engineering But a Lover of FOSS 🙂

I’m in Linux Programming and Administration, and still swimming in the sea called LINUX  😛 B’coz i feel my knowledge is Just a drop in the vast Ocean. 😉

Here, i post my experiences with GNU/Linux.

I’m working in Slashprog Technologies, Which is a FOSS Consultancy and we use only Open Source. The great pleasure of working here is “I’m experiencing my Freedom of knowledge” 🙂 🙂 🙂

The way to my career was enlightened by my brothers, “Shrinivasan” and “Arulalan“. And my career was strengthened by my well-wishers “Mr.Thyagarajan shanmugam and “Mr. Chandrashaker Babu“(M.D of Slashprog Technologies).

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