Multiple File uploading in Rails3 Application using “Papercilp”

Hi friends, Lets see how to upload multiple files in a rails 3 application. First create a new rails project and go inside of the project directory. $ rails new fileuploading $ cd fileuploading Add the Gms in  following “Gemfile” gem ‘nifty-generators’ gem ‘paperclip’ And  bundle install it. Now we have to create a scaffold.Continue reading “Multiple File uploading in Rails3 Application using “Papercilp””

Linux 20-years celebration video in tamil

Hi friends, At 1991, Linus Torvalds, released his Kernel as open source. After that, the Linux Revolution happened. To celebrate the 20 years of Linux, The Linux Foundation, is doing various activities. Explore it here. It released an animation video. My Brother T.Shrinivasan wanted to translate the video in tamil. So he asked hisContinue reading “Linux 20-years celebration video in tamil”

Google maps in Rails3 Application — Sample Application

Hi friends, (New update: For new version(0.9.1) check Jay’s comment below) (Update: this tutorial works only on gem version 0.7.7 and won’t work on latest gem version 0.8.7) Using a gmaps4rails gem to display a map in our application create a rails application using, $ rails new gmaps $ cd gmaps Add this Gem inContinue reading “Google maps in Rails3 Application — Sample Application”