MVC in Rails3

Hai friends,

Today i learned something abt MVC in rails. MVC means, basic over all  functions like  (i.e) Model, View, Controller under the /app  folder in a rails project.

For Ex:

Model,View, Controller (MVC)


After creating a rails project,  if we created a table name like ‘User’ ( $ rails generate scaffold User name:string address:text mail:string ) In the url we called this ‘User’ like ‘users’ (note the plural form) {}

When we hit the url bar, Rails routed this http function into Rails router.

In the Rails project the router function file is in under config folder.{$ gedit config/routes.rb}

'routes.rb' file

This file routes the index into Controller.

In controller folder, their is file called as users_controller.rb

In this file contain, that ‘index’ part.

'app/controller/users_controller.rb' file contains the 'index' part

The index part is like as “def”

In this controller file contains, “User.all” method. here the “.all” is in-built method. This method is assigning into “@users”. This @users are under in “model” folder. Here the “user.rb” file contains, pre-written ruby program like “ActiveRecord” This Activerecord is group of pre-written program, which contains many “def” and “class”.

here Rails inherit the Class “User” into this “ActiveRecord” . This activerecord is very important in ruby on rails, which store the data’s in the DB.

model/user.rb => inherit into ActiveRecord

This user.rb file ‘ll take/store the data from/to the DataBase like MySql or Squlite.

Now the “model” (i.e user.rb) redirect the stored data to the “Controller” (i.e users_controller.rb)

Again this “controller” redirect to the “View” part. The view folder contains some files like “edit.html.erb,_form.html.erb,index.html.erb,new.html.erb  show.html.erb”

Here the “index.html.erb” file contains the view part of the embedded ruby program. Here you can see the program like html.

app/views/users/index.html.erb => View program file

Finally this file convert the output into “html” format and redirect into “controller”

Now, the Controller Redirect into Browser.

Then only we were seeing this output.

http: => final output

this is the simple discription about (MVC) Model View Controller

That’s all !!! Enjoy !!!   If you have any doubt feel free to ask me.


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