My sample app with new look using rails

Hi friends, Today i finished 5th chapter of Learning rails by example. Today i used some css codes also. 🙂 i deployed my sample app into heroku site. here the link But finally got a problem, still i didn’t clear the problem, the problem is when i usineg ” rspec spec/” to check theContinue reading “My sample app with new look using rails”

My Simple Application using Rails :)

Hi friends, This is the simple and sample application to create using rails and heroku is here. This post mostly covers 3rd part of the “Learn Rails By Example” book. $ rails new sample app -T $ rails generate controller Pages home contact $ gedit Gemfile Edit the file and add the following, The PagesContinue reading “My Simple Application using Rails :)”

Asciiquarium in Terminal (Fedora)

Hi friends, If you want fun with terminal, follow the following instructions. 🙂 This is the project called ASCIIquarium. To install this we have to install some ‘prerequisites’ (Perl Module) Install prerequisites: $ sudo yum install perl-Curses perl-Extutils-MakeMaker $ wget $ tar xzvf Term-Animation-2.4.tar.gz $ cd Term-Animation-2.4 $ perl Makefile.PL && make $ sudoContinue reading “Asciiquarium in Terminal (Fedora)”

Install Avant Window Navigator(AWN) in Fedora 14 and Ubuntu

Hi friends, Avant Window Navigator(AWN) is a dock-like navigation bar for the Linux desktop that positions itself at the bottom of the screen. It can be used to keep track of open windows and behaves like a normal window list. Installing Avant Window Navigator(AWN) in Fedora 14: Type these as root user. To install AvantContinue reading “Install Avant Window Navigator(AWN) in Fedora 14 and Ubuntu”

Procedure for installing a OS inside Virtual Box

Hi friends, In my Fedora machine i have Vm Virtual Box. me already installed ubuntu 10.10 inside of V Box. in our Office very weekend we have spl Admin class for us. So, i installed a REDHAT 5. In side of VBox i separately installed REDHAT 3 times. Among the 3, one was server andContinue reading “Procedure for installing a OS inside Virtual Box”

சும்மா தோணுது !!! -1

இப்படி இருந்தா நல்லா இருக்கும் ல ! நமது உபுண்டு package- காற்றிலேயே  கலந்து வெளியிட்டா எப்படி இருக்கும் ?   நமக்கு ஏதேனும் package- install  செய்யணும் னா அப்படியே FM  ஆன் பண்ணுற மாதிரி நம்ப computer-ல ஒரு button  செட் பண்ணிட்டு ஆன் பண்ண உடனே காத்துல  இருக்குற package-ஐ  இன்ஸ்டால் பண்ணிக்கணும் மொதல்ல Package source-ஐ  Internet மூலமா வரத something process பண்ணி AIr -ல கலந்து விட்டுடனும். அப்புறம்Continue reading “சும்மா தோணுது !!! -1”

Learning Rails by Example – Chapter 4

hi friends, Today i started learning 4th chapter of Learning Rails by Example from the book and screencast. This chapter mainly  covers basics of ruby and we ‘ll learn from Rails console 4.1.2 Cascading Style Sheets 4.2 Strings and methods 4.2.1 Comments 4.2.2 Strings Printing Single-quoted strings 4.2.3 Objects and message passing 4.2.4 Method definitionsContinue reading “Learning Rails by Example – Chapter 4”