How to install Virtual Box 4.0.2 on Fedora 14 ?

Hai friends,

Yesterday(30-1-2010) Chandrashekar sir handled session on setting up Virtual Box on Fedora 14.

First we downloaded the latest version 4.0.2 from

As well as i told, in that site we can see various distribution  Virtual Box. Sir told, The  All distributions i386 | AMD64 is the best package to install the VBox on any distribution.

Go to your Downloads Directory in terminal as super user. Now if the downloaded file didn’t have Executive permission, First we have to give the +X permission for that file, By using this command

[root@mercury Downloads]# chmod +x

As a super/root user run the file preceded by ./(Package name)


[suresh@mercury ~]$ su -
[root@mercury ~]# cd /home/suresh/Downloads/
[root@mercury Downloads]# chmod +x
[root@mercury Downloads]# ./
Verifying archive integrity... All good.
Uncompressing VirtualBox for Linux installation..........
VirtualBox Version 4.0.2 r69518 (2011-01-18T16:49:20Z) installer
Removing previous installation of VirtualBox 4.0.2 r69518 from /opt/
Installing VirtualBox to /opt/

Wait for few sec.,

Now you can see the latest VirtualBox from Applications -> System Tools -> Oracle VM VirtualBox

That’s all !!! Enjoy !!!  

Applications -> System Tools -> Oracle VM VirtualBox


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