Hai friends,

Heroku is an online Rack (and by extension, Ruby on Rails) cloud PaaS (Platform as a Service) run by the San Francisco, California based company with the same name. As one of the very first cloud platform as a service providers, Heroku has been in development since June 2007 and the company reports over 119,000 applications running on its service.

Website: http://heroku.com

First we have to install “heroku’ in our machine, using the following command.

$ sudo gem install heroku

Then, we have to create a heroku account here.

Now we have  to upload our machine ssh key to Heroku, to push your work.

$ heroku keys:add

At the first time, you have give your heroku mail-id and password.

Now to create a remote application at Heroku, type this from the master branch of our rails project directory.

$ heroku create
Heroku will create a website for us, whose url will be given in the output, which will look like this, 

If you don’t like this format url address, you can change the url address by using this command,

$ heroku rename thasu

Now, that url looks like http://thasu.heroku.com/

Copy this url and paste it in your browser. And you’ll see the default application created by Heroku running. 

Now to push your work on to the Heroku,

$ git push heroku master

That’s all !!!


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