Welcome to the Ubuntu User Days!

Hai Friends,

Next User Day (times are tentative – watch this space!): Saturday January 29th 2011, 09:45 UTC – Sunday January 30th 2011, 03:00 UTC


About Ubuntu User Days

User Days was created to be a set of courses offered during a one day period to teach the beginning or intermediate Ubuntu user the basics to get them started with Ubuntu. User Days is a series of online courses where you can:

  • learn how to install Ubuntu
  • find equivalent programs in Ubuntu
  • learn how to get help
  • learn the basics of how to use Ubuntu
  • learn how to get involved in the community

Find out more about the Ubuntu Desktop, Server, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Mobile, UNR, and download them.

The Timetable

January 29, 2011

Time (UTC) Subject (and logs) Presenter
08:30 Introduction to User Day nigelb, pleia2, nhandler
09:00 Software Installation shrini
10:00 Networking and sharing files in Ubuntu dnivra
11:00 Cloud for users Daviey
12:00 Ubuntu One ralsina
13:00 Finding Help in Ubuntu starcraftman
14:00 How to fix a broken machine popey
15:00 Switching from OS X aveilleux
16:00 Tips and tricks for multi-booters Cheri703
17:00 Inkscape Introduction doctormo
18:00 Command Line Email Clients for Ubuntu _marx_
19:00 Using IRC IdleOne
20:00 Accessibility apps Pendulum
21:00 Desktop Environments: Gnome, KDE, XFCE maco and pleia2
22:00 Command Line Basics imbrandon
23:00 Asking questions on Launchpad and Reporting bugs on Launchpad charlie-tca

January 30, 2011

00:00 Switching from Windows cprofitt
01:00 Entertaining and educating kids using Ubuntu MichelleQ
02:00 Linux Security Myth maco
03:00 Unity jcastro and Dbo
04:00 What’s cooking in Ubuntu jcastro


You can access the Ubuntu User Day classes using your browser by clicking here or by joining #ubuntu-classroom and #ubuntu-classroom-chat on the freenode IRC network using your favorite IRC client. Check out How to Participate for more information.


Tweet/dent and blog about the Ubuntu User Days. Our official hashtag is #UUD<mmm><yy>, so the hash tag for the next, to be held in January 2011, is #UUDJan11. Bring your friends and talk to people about the UUD sessions.

Open Week

Ubuntu Open Week is a week of IRC tuition and Q+A sessions all about getting involved in the rock-and-roll world that is the Ubuntu community. Find out more information here.

Developer Week

Ubuntu Developer Week is a similar to Open Week, but targeted more to developers. Find out more information here.


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