Folders Opens With VLC in Ubuntu!?

Hai friends,

Some times due to some reasons, Folders/Files/Home opening with VLC in Ubuntu. Because of you have most likely done the same for a folder with VLC in the past with this tick engaged (annoyingly it is ticked on by default) which causes the problem initially.

At Opening time

Opening with VLC ? 😦

Solution for this problem is very simple:

On any folder in your /home partition, right click and choose “Open with other application”.

Open With other Appllication

From the list choose “Fie Browser”

Select the "File Browser"

Finally ensure the tickbox for “Remember this application for “folder” files” is TICKED.

Check the "Tick" box

That’s all !!! Enjoy !!!  


5 thoughts on “Folders Opens With VLC in Ubuntu!?

  1. Thanks Man! You restored my confidence in Linux. You cannot imagine how frustrating it is to switch on the computer and find that something has changed in the configuration. Then you find out you were the stupid who changed the configuration

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