How to Create Filters in Gmail

Hai Friends,

Is your Gmail inbox is filled with the mailing list mails??

Inbox filled with Miling list mails??

Don’t worry. By creating filters, we can separate the mails (mailing list mails)

Is your inbox filled with full of "Mailing list Mails"

Step1: Open your one of the mailing list mail and click  “show details

Click on "show details"

Step2: Select “Filter messages from this mailing list

Click "Filter messages from this mailing list"

Step3: Then  click on  “Next Step

just click the "Next Step"

Step4: Check the option “Skip inbox” and “Apply the label”

Under “Choose label” select the “New label

Select the "New Label"

Step5: Give the Filter/Label Name.

Give the "Label Name"

Step6: check the option “Also apply… below” and then click the “Create Filter” button

check the "Also apply... below" and click the "Create Filter" button

That’s all !!! Now, in the left side of your Gmail window, you can see the label name which you gave.

Click that label.

That’s all.

The mailing list mails are filtered

In left side window a new "Label" was appeared.

See your inbox. 🙂

Enjoy It !!!


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