Are You Lazy To Type Some Extension in the URL Bar (i.e

Hai Friends,

The Ctrl+Enter shortcut is probably one of the most useful keyboard combinations for your daily browsing, as it automatically adds the necessary http:// prefix and .com suffix to open any website.

But what if you visit other domains more often than the .com itself, As well as above i told? Use URL Suffix and you’ll be able to customize this shortcut, as well as the Shift+Enter for .net addresses and the Shift+Ctrl+Enter for .org ones.

You can change the prefixes and suffixes which are used to complete a URL on the location bar when using the Control+Enter, Shift+Enter or Alt+Enter key combination.

Basically I’m very lazy boy. 😉 bcoz it’s lazy to type thasulinux””. 😛 So, today i searched in google. Finally i got this solution from the Firefox Web Browser. It  will provide this Add-on  called as “URL Suffix”.when you add it in your browser, you no need to type some long extensions in the URL. 😉

To install it in your browser:

Select the "Tools & Add-ons"



Search in the "search box"

Click the "Add to Firefox"

Click the "Install Now" button

Click the "Restart Firefox" button

Again click, Tools--> Add-ons-->Extensions

Here, Set your options & Enjoy 😉

Thats all friends.  🙂 😉

You want to do more customise in the firefox, Type in the url bar, “about:config”


haiya… jolly jolly…  Here after, i no need to type “”

I’ll type just, “thasulinux” and press “Alt+Enter”.  That’s all.


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