Recover Your ubuntu. !

If your ubuntu system got crashed after installing some packages you can restore your system

Now we have to remove that packages.
How to remove ???

Put your live cd.
Select try ubuntu section
Open your terminal
Create one directory using,

 $ mkdir live 

mount your root directory using,(You can find out your “root” directory using, $ sudo fdisk -l”)

 $ sudo mount /dev/sda1 live

now, we have to give chroot permission for “live” directory

 $ sudo chroot live

Now, we can remove that packages.

 $ sudo apt-get remove package-name


 $ sudo apt-get remove --purge package-name

That’s all.

restart your system. 🙂

Your “ubuntu” is back. 😉


Pls Take a notes of above and install the following, 😉

1. jasper
2. libjasper-dev
3. libjasper-java
4. libjasper-runtime
5. openjpeg-tools

if possible you try to install the above 5 packages in your ubuntu machine.

After installed, please restart your machine.



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