BTRFS = The Version Control

Hai freinds,

Currently I’m my doing intern-ship in slashprog. We are doing a project named by “Trainer’s union”. And also we provide “Support Centre” for Linux. You can ask your Questions and doubts by here.(linux oly 😉 )

In our help centre, yesterday i faced a Question about Btrfs file-system. Btrfs is a new generation file system. We can use this file-system as like version control (svn,git,bzr,etc). I have to learn “How to rollback my home folder even after few months” using btrfs.

Btrfs is default file-system in ubuntu 10.10(MM). Still I’m learning abt btrfs.

I’m  learning btrfs from this following links

If any one know very well about Btrfs or any other links, pls guide/suggest me. 🙂

I have to prepare a good documentation for ‘btrfs’ and ‘How to”
I’ll 😉


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