BTRFS = The Version Control

Hai freinds,

Currently I’m my doing intern-ship in slashprog. We are doing a project named by “Trainer’s union”. And also we provide “Support Centre” for Linux. You can ask your Questions and doubts by here.(linux oly 😉 )

In our help centre, yesterday i faced a Question about Btrfs file-system. Btrfs is a new generation file system. We can use this file-system as like version control (svn,git,bzr,etc). I have to learn “How to rollback my home folder even after few months” using btrfs.

Btrfs is default file-system in ubuntu 10.10(MM). Still I’m learning abt btrfs.

I’m  learning btrfs from this following links

If any one know very well about Btrfs or any other links, pls guide/suggest me. 🙂

I have to prepare a good documentation for ‘btrfs’ and ‘How to”
I’ll 😉


Our WordPress Wins Best CMS Award

WordPress, an open-source blogging tool, won the 2010 Open Source awards for Hall of Fame CMS. This award is for open source CMS tools that have won the open source award in the past.

WordPress won after being in a tie with Drupal and an independent judge was brought in to declare the winner. WordPress has been getting more and more robust in its capabilities as a content management system, and its very easy to install and use.

Other award winners include:

* Best Open Source CMS: CMS Made Simple
* Most Promising Open Source Project: Pimcore
* Best Open Source E-Commerce Applications: PrestaShop
* Best Open Source Graphics Software: Blender
* Best Open Source JavaScript Libraries: jQuery

Congratulations to all the Winners!


Great Linux vs stupid windows ;-)

hai friends,

  1. Why we need to use Linux???
  2. Why particularly Linux???
  3. why not windows?
  4. Why windows is big stupid…!!??
  5. Comparison between Our Linux and windows. 🙂


You want the answer go to the following website.

விரைவில் தமிழிலும் 😉

Some Fun Snaps:


கிட்ட வருவ??? 😛


காலி ஆய்டுவ.. !



டுமீல் ... !



...தா பீரங்கி டா.. 😉



தீப்பொறி திருமுகம் இப்படி தான் ஆகும்... 😉



இந்த அசிங்கம் உனக்கு தேவையா ??? 😀



கடைசியா நான் சொல்ல வரது என்னனா???



Just for fun..  😉 hehe..B-)



Something with HTMl and DOJO

Hai friends,

Today i learnt something in “Dojo”


Unbeatable JavaScript Tools.Dojo saves you time, delivers powerful performance, and scales with your development process. It’s the toolkit experienced developers turn to for building superior desktop and mobile web experiences.

Dojo Toolkit is an open source modular JavaScript library (or more specifically JavaScript toolkit)

Today i work wit Dojo. there is lot of examples in

I took some calender and Password validator. it’s cooool futures.

Some snaps of my reg., form

Note:   Don’t laugh after seeing my snaps. 😉

bcoz enakke sirippu sirippa vaudhu. 😀 😛 haha…

🙂 🙂 😉

First Experience with HTML

Hai Friends,

First time in my life yesterday, i learnt hoe to create basic html registration form. It’s a good feel like playing Tetris game. 😉

I’m using Geany programming editor. It’s very cool editor for html. Bcoz when we create <html> tag, the editor automatically create the end tag </html>.

So, we consume very much time and here no place for confusion. 🙂

Then, i learnt why we use, <html>,<body>,<p>,<tr>,<td>,<a>,.<h1>,<br>.

First time i learnt more than one concepts in my programming field, 🙂 🙂 🙂

hmmmm… yea html lum easy than erukku… 😉


Hai friends,

I involved full time with slashprog. Yesterday sir took a fantastic class about like big company’s real project management environment. 🙂

A small description of “scrum


Scrum is an iterative,incremental methodology for project management often seen in Agile software development.

Scrum’s main specifications  are

1. Product backlog
2. sprint backlog
3. burn down

Product backlog:

In product backlog, we have to classify our over all project requirements. Each requirements should be in single line and the core of concept of project. Then we note down the all requirements in small sticky notes. So, now we i’ll post all requirements at a task board.

Sprint backlog:

sprint backlog is nothing but, as well as I already told, all project requirements are posted in a task board. In a Scrum team, there is no Project manager. We are the Project manager and employee.
Now we have to take a any requirement. Note we are the full responsible of that requirement. no one advice or order to take that or this. Feel free and do the work with enjoyable environment. 🙂

Burn down:

The sprint burn down chart is a publicly displayed chart showing remaining work in the sprint backlog. Updated every day. it gives a simple view of the sprint progress. It also provides quick visualizations for reference.

Terminology using in scrum:

Product Owner:

The person responsible for maintaining the Product Backlog by representing the interests of the stakeholders.

Scrum Master:

The person responsible for the Scrum process, making sure it is used correctly and maximizing its benefits.


A cross-functional group of people responsible for managing itself to develop the product.

Scrum Team:

Product Owner, Scrum Master and Team.

So, Finlay we a start a project based on SCRUM environment. We create a Product backlog. Our first requirement is “ create a registration form” under “menage schedule” It should be contain all basic requirements of registration form.

Main concept of Scrum:

The main concept of Scrum is, A small meeting ‘ll be conduct between Scrum members.In that meeting we must ask 3qus only.

  1. What you did today?
  2. What ‘ll do tomo?
  3. What are the problems you faced?

This meeting should be conduct every day, each person take minimum 1min only.The main thing is everyone in the group ‘ll get chance for Scrum leader responsibility.For Ex in your group is 5member group, You must get Scrum leader responsibility.

First day task:

At last I took a requirement in a task broad. Yea, it’s create a reg., form. I know a very basics of HTML. I have to learn html and finish it with in 2days. 😉

When a hear or think about Agile, I’m murmuring

Agile gugile is a agile.  😛

gugile agile is a gugile. 😀

hehe… 🙂  😉