The Terminator

Terminator. No, not the Arnold movie. Terminator is a new GNOME-terminal-based terminal
with one very awesome feature. It has paned view. OK, so it can’t do tabs.
Paned view is better than tabs. You can see things side-by-side without messing about
trying to resize two terminals to both use up all of the space on the screen but still not overlap.
It’s all there at a glance.

Take a look:

That’s just a small sample one so it fits on here. I find it really useful to have it fullscreen, split into a few panes. Each pane is SSH’d into a different box. I use Compiz’s “annotate” plugin to mark in front of the panes which is which, so I don’t get confused.

If you’re interested in giving it a try, just do a

$ sudo apt-get install terminator





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